DeLucia Vineyards & Farm

By Alex DeLucia, Owner of DeLucia Vineyards & Farm

DeLucia Vineyards & Farm is a small diversified family farm in Bath, NH that produces honey, pork, beef, lamb, chicken, turkeys, a variety of produce, eggs, hay, and of course grapes for wine making! Visit us on Facebook here.

An accomplishment we’ve achieved recently is that we have expanded our reach from local sales and a few restaurants and have opened our own farm stand in our barn. It has been great to connect more with our local community.

A challenge we face is that, as with many small farmers we need to work other jobs as well as run the farm. It is a difficult balance and requires dedication and commitment to real, local, good food to make the work worth it!

NH Eat Local Month is important as it helps to raise awareness of the abundance of local and quality foods available across the state. August is a perfect month that highlights the diversity if products that are grown/produced right here in NH!

This blog post has been lightly edited by NH Eat Local Month for clarity and conciseness. Submit your own story here!

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