Backwoods Goods

By Sarah Lorigan, founder of Backwoods Goods

I am a nutritionist by trade and foodie by nature. I founded Backwoods Goods as a passion project focused on eating locally and seasonally, and living a sustainable lifestyle. This has evolved into a ever-growing collaboration of like-minded foodies and farmers in search of the unique and unknown. We are joining together to bring you all the goods from the world’s backwoods. We bring you content and inspiration through rustic recipes and access to the latest happenings and events!

This movement has transformed into a way of life for everyone involved. Our following is growing by the day and people are supporting small businesses through our partnerships! A challenge we face is connecting while staying disconnected at the same time. Social media is great for marketing, but we also want to connect on a more personal level by bringing people together face to face. 

Eating local is so important every month of the year! Working as a nutritionist I am constantly meet people with chronic conditions at an increasing rate. Many of these conditions can be improved and even reversed through simple dietary changes. Humans are meant to live off the land and adapt to their environments, so eating local is the best way to do this! (not to mention the need to decrease our carbon footprints).

This blog post has been lightly edited by NH Eat Local Month for clarity and conciseness. Submit your own story here!

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