June is Dairy Month: Orchard Hill Breadworks to Support Local Dairies

Small dairy farms and artisan cheesemakers have been hit hard by the pandemic. Orchard Hill Breadworks in Alstead recently launched a crowdfunding initiative to help provide some relief to these farmers and local producers. Read more about their efforts — and please help spread the word.

Every Tuesday night in the summer, Orchard Hill Breadworks welcomes a few hundred individuals to their grounds. Guests all come for one thing: delicious, wood-fired pizza. They build their own pie and Noah Elbers and his team bakes each pizza in their outdoor oven. Best of all, 100% of the profits go to local non-profits. Donations typically add up to over $20,000 each summer.

Due to COVID-19, Orchard Hill Breadworks can’t invite hundreds of people to their space, so they’ve adapted their popular pizza nights. They will offer mouthwatering takeaway pizzas, made by their hard-working team, every Tuesday night through August 25, 2020.

A big part of Pizza Night is giving back to the community that supports the bakery throughout the year, so these takeaway pizzas will still support a local non-profit. However, this year, they hope to top things off with a bit of extra local love.

Orchard Hill Breadworks wants to support small dairy farms and artisan cheesemakers by featuring these local products on their pizzas. Noah and his team plan to do this without transferring the increased cost to their customers or cutting back on donations.

They plan to offer three pizzas each night: a plain cheese, a vegetarian special and a meat special, featuring local, seasonal produce — and with your support, locally produced meats and artisan cheeses.

“We are endlessly grateful for your support. It has been a wild few months at the bakery, and in the world at large, and we are all feeling incredibly grateful to continue baking bread, pastry and pizza.”

Noah Elbers, Orchard Hill Breadworks

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