The Hungry Caterpillar – A Unique Plant-Based Food Truck

Writing and photograph by Nicholas Ortins of The Hungry Caterpillar

My wife and I started a plant-based food truck and a farm this year. We are hoping to grow to the point where we can grow most of our own produce or source through local growers. We have been sourcing through various local establishments so far, to include Heron Pond, Meadows Mirth, Me&Ollie’s, and Memories Ice cream. We believe everyone has a part to play in the system and getting as many local talents on board with your dream is the key to success

Why do you think it’s important for New Hampshire to buy and eat local food?

NH has a rich history of self sufficiency and farming. We love learning local history and we love the idea of keeping agricultural traditions alive while moving forward in a sustainable, ecologically-friendly direction. We want to make sure generational knowledge is continued so that important lessons are not lost.

What is one accomplishment you’ve achieved recently in your work?

We successfully opened our food truck 3 weeks ago and are opening our small farm stand this weekend.

What is a challenge you face in your work?

Delivery of produce has been a challenge since our scale is not significant enough to order from distributors.

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