More About NH Eats Local

NH Eats Local is promotes buying, supporting, and eating New Hampshire grown and produced food for the prosperity of our community, economy, environment, and culture by connecting Granite Staters with our farmers, restaurants, food producers, markets and farm stands, and other food-related businesses.

We are a hub for information to find, support, and eat local food from the Seacoast to the North Country. Created and managed by the NH Food Alliance and its network, we gather resources, like Farmers’ Market guides and Pick Your Own lists, we share stories about farmers, chefs, brewers, and other food producers, we partner with local food-focused organizations and businesses to produce events, and we rally around to celebrate New Hampshire’s food businesses, organizations, and economy. 

Eating local means something different to everyone; that’s what makes living and eating the Granite State so exciting! Below are some ideas for how to eat local:

  • Shop at Farmers’ Market, farm stands, food hubs, or other small food businesses
  • Sign up for a CSA (Community Support Agriculture) or CSF (Community Supported Fishery)
  • Dine out at a local restaurant
  • Hunt, fish, and forage
  • Grow and preserve your own food
  • Ask your local grocer to carry a local product you love

By celebrating all the ways Granite Staters eat and support local food, NH Eats Local aligns with our New Hampshire values.

  • Local food connects us to our Granite State pride in our land, our communities, our history, and our traditions.
  • Buying from New Hampshire’s small businesses stimulates our statewide economy and supports your friends and your neighbors to foster vibrant communities.
  • Amplifying our eat local message strengthens our efforts in caring for our environment and furthering equity in all aspects of our lives.
  • Sourcing and growing food locally feeds Granite Staters’ sense of self-reliance and fosters sustainable living.
  • Being dedicated to our local food system and economy ensures everyone has enough nutritious food to lead healthy lives.