Dine Out, Dine Local List

Help the NH Food Alliance and NH Eats Local build a list of New Hampshire food service establishments (restaurants, food trucks, bakeries, cafes, breweries, creameries etc.) that source and serve food from New Hampshire farmers and food producers.

Once we have enough submissions, this page will host a map to showcase where the food service establishments are. In the mean time, submit to the list at the button below. And be sure to share the submission form so we can make this a vibrant resource!

Local food can be defined as food (vegetables, fruit, meat, eggs, dairy products, as well as value-added products created with local food—jams, pickles, honey, maple syrup, etc.) grown or produced in New Hampshire. 

Examples of food service establishments that qualify for this list:

  • A bakery who uses local blueberries in their pies
  • A restaurant that sources local tomatoes for a menu item
  • A brewery or winery that sources locally made cheeses for charcuterie boards
  • A food truck that uses local eggs for breakfast sandwiches
  • An ice cream stand that sources local dairy to make it’s ice cream

If you have a question about a food service establishment that you want to submit to this list, email us at colleen.stewart@unh.edu

NOTE! This is a crowd-sourced list. The NH Food Alliance and NH Eats Local staff will do its best to ensure the submissions to this list follow the local sourcing guidelines listed at the top of this page, but cannot ensure all information is accurate. The best way to fact-check any submission to this list is to reach out and ask the establishment.