Take the Local $5 Pledge!

We’re encouraging all of New Hampshire to take a pledge to spend $5 a week (or more!) on locally produced foods.

$5 might not seem like a lot, but if every person in New Hampshire dedicated $5 of their grocery money each week to local foods, we would contribute over $338 million back into the state’s economy. Even better, the money you spend won’t be going to a stranger out West – it will go right back into your community, helping out your neighbors and friends. Already eating a lot of local food? You can challenge yourself to try new foods every week, and see if you can double your impact with $10, $20, or more.

Supporting local food doesn’t just help the economy, though. Purchasing your food close to home often means it will be fresher, in-season, and tastier than food grown thousands of miles away. Many small farmers also grow organically, with regenerative practices that encourage healthy soil and water. Local food also promises cleaner air – the average piece of produce in the US travels over 1,500 miles to your plate, adding up to a lot of additional CO2 emissions! And by supporting small farmers here, you help to make sure our beautiful rural landscapes aren’t sold to developers.

Perhaps the best part of local eating is the increased connections you make with others in the community. Don’t be afraid to talk to the farmer at the market, or the small restaurant sourcing local ingredients. Ask questions about where, when, and how your food was grown or made. Get to know the food producers and businesses around you – what you find might surprise you!

Thank you so much for your support of local food! Download the Local $5 Pledge flyer here.

Take the Local $5 Pledge!
Submit your name to take the Local $5 Pledge and show your support for the importance of local foods!

2020 Pledge Signers

Samantha Cave
Jen Risley
Deborah Keane
Becky Colpitts
Cynthia Coughlin
Jillian Moulton
Janice Johnston
Dartmouth-Hitchcock Food and Nutrition Services
Ashley Salvatore
Sarah Lorigan
Backwoods Goods
Alison Magill
Seacoast Permaculture
Nancy Garnhart
Pam Sponholz
Tracy Bartella-Metell
Jenny & Bruce Wooster
Picadilly Farm
Samantha Stoddard
Farm Credit East
Hanna Flanders
Kearsarge Food Hub
Jessica LaBrie
Blackbird’s Daughter Botanicals
Kelly White
Tammy Zamoyski
Kira Wadsworth
Stonewall Farm
Sean Covert
Amy Strike
Celebrations Catering
Lauren Ritz
Hoof & Feather Farm NH
Lisa Griffiths
Northeast Organic Farming Association of New Hampshire (NOFA-NH)
Nikki Kolb
Nicole Mosier
Denise Castonguay

Marcia Kayser
Mary Ewell
Jacki Filiault
New Boston Farmers’ Market
Katie Masters
Laura Carbonneau
Food Connects
Marcia Passos-Duffy
Geo-Graphic Gems LLC
Patti Powers
Cheshire Gardens
Kristen Petricola
Alex DeLucia
DeLucia Vineyards & Family Farm
Ann Cramer
Matt Goodwin
Michaela Thomas
Maeve Cyr
Cindy Kellner
Renee Baylis
Baylis Insurance Agency
Carina Pearson
Laura Carbonneau
Alison Welsh
Linda Evans
Edith Pucci Couchman
Brianna Graves
Dawn Knowles
Sarah V Revels, LCMHC
Lynn Royce
Mia Capelli Salon
Joanie Paczkowsk
Roe Ann Tasoulas
Monadnock Farm and Community Coalition
Caroline Tremblay
Betsy Williams
Jennifer Morris
Wild Heart Yoga and Wellness Studio